L&D: Planning to Succeed?

Or Planning to Fail?

You get a request. It’s not for a simple response. You are not sure that a Learning Solution is the only thing needed – but the client making the request sounds as if that’s where they are coming from.


You need some answers to questions to formulate a plan and get a quick response from those that hold the keys to the resources. And you want to be a good steward of Shareholder Equity.

You try to walk yourself through the Project Plan template that is the starting point for Plans going before the Board of Governors for resource request approvals.

You walk through that template trying to recall the questions in the Performance Aid that is intended to tease out the information needed to turn out a plan ASAP.


PACT Client/Stakeholder Interview Guide

You may need to adapt what you cannot adopt. This was made for my Planning Templates. Yours may vary.

Here is a PowerPoint Show of the 8 pages of the Performance Aid:

PACT Client-Stakeholder Interview Guide

Here is a PDF of the same:

PACT Client-Stakeholder Interview Guide


Begin With the End in Mind

If you have a Planning Template – go through it and reverse engineer you own questions.

Use mine to augment your Plan Template and Performance Aid.


At some point you’ll have your own questions fairly well memorized. And be able to start your response to a requestor’s request – while walking quickly – as if you were both in a hurry.

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