L&D: My 4 Instructional Analysis Methodologies

I’ve Been Using These 4 Since the Early 1980s

The things I forgo from traditional approaches are due to my downstream use of a Facilitated Group Process of the same Master Performers – in Design – where I own the Process and they own the Content – and they get it right.


For More…

The 4 types of analysis are defined in my 1999 book lean-ISD – award recipient for Instructional Communications from ISPI in 2002 – and available as a free 410-page PDF – or as a Kindle or Paperback.

Get the Free PDF  here – and check out chapters 21-27, pages 239-291.


Here from chapter 21…

The four key analytic methods used in Phase 2 of each of the PACT Processes are

  • Analyzing Target Audience Data
  • Performance Modeling
  • Knowledge/Skill Analysis
  • Assessing Existing T&D

The goal of the PACT project manager and the analyst is to collect the analysis information, understand it, communicate it to key customers and key stakeholders, and have the Project Steering Team “buy it.”

Lean-ISD - Lane

The first three methods of analysis are covered in the next three chapters (22-24). The fourth is covered in Chapter 26.

Get Your ISD Leaner and Performance-based – via lean-ISD!

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