L&D and PI: Guy’s Books

Many Are Available As Free PDFs

I made several of these available as a Free PDF (as well as Kindles and Paperback) starting in 2007 – to prompt me to update several into my 6 Pack. More on that later.

The Quality RoadMap (1994)

Co-authored with my business partners at the time – and a not-so-ghostly-writer – this book represented our consulting practices in the Instructional arena, and in the Human Performance Technology (HPT) and TQM arenas. It was written in conjunction with the Council for Continuous Improvement – a consortium of high tech firms after a project we did with them.

The book is out of print- but available used online.


T&D Systems View (2001)

This book is based on a couple of late 1990s projects I did with clients helping them to get a handle on all of their key processes, for better management and continuous improvement purposes.

This book takes the “system” of T&D (or L&D) and breaks it down into 12 sub-systems of 47 processes. The book includes information to facilitate both an assessment effort and a design effort.


lean-ISD (1999)

This book presents my ISD methodologies – in formal development since 1982 – for creating both a Path of Training – and the actual content – all focused squarely on the Performance Competence requirements of the individuals and their organizations.


My ISD methods include:

  • Curriculum Architecture Design (for T&D Paths)
  • Modular Curriculum Development/Acquisition (my version of ADDIE)
  • Instructional Activity Development/Acquisition (to enable building Performance Support before MCD efforts to build Instruction as a wrap around)

The book served as the Workbook to my series of Workshops for my clients, as an Advanced Organizer and as a Reference Manual.

Management Areas of Performance (2008)

This presents my adapted model – from Ray Svenon’s original model – and then updated in 1994 based on 20+ analyses of management jobs – and used in my Curriculum Architecture Design projects as a starter model for adaptation – to tease out the shared and unique aspects of managerial performance – to guide development of Instruction and Performance Support.


Employee performance-based Certification/ Qualification Systems (2007)

This book, co-authored with my former business partner Ray Svenson, based on consulting project our firm did to create Performance Tests and the administrative systems with oil firms in Prudhoe Bay (1987), on the Alaska Pipeline (1994) and Siemens Building Technologies (1996). The front-end of these projects is exactly the same front end as a Curriculum Architecture Design effort.


PACT-EPPI 6 Pack (2011)

I started giving away several of the earlier books, starting in 2007 as Free PDFs, to help prompt me to update them all into a series that became this 6 pack.


This 6 Pack updates: The Quality RoadMap, lean-ISD, T&D Systems View, and Management Areas of Performance.

The Fifth Management Foci (2011)

This book was my attempt to help managers get their focus (foci) on the right things and to avoid the Foo Foo (Snake Oil) all too prevalent in management practices and development then – and still today.


Lessons in Making Lemonade – Vols 1&2 (2011)

In 2010 I started an online cartoon series about students in an ISD/HPT program learning and living the lessons in their real life.

A perfect book for the lobby – which are now hard to find.


For information on these books and how to order/access – please go here.

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