L&D: Tuesday L&D Processes Audit 12: T&D Issues Generation and Assessment Process

T&D Process 4.1: T&D Issues Generation and Assessment Process

Note: In my 2001 book I continued my decades old name for the profession as T&D – Training & Development.

Convert for your use as necessary. I will use both T&D and L&D in this weekly series for 2018.


Not all loose processes need to be tightened up.

You should only do that Investment if the Returns warrant.


Learning By Design vs Learning By Chance

When the Cost of Non-Conformance of poor Process/people Performance warrants the Investment in T&D/ Learning/Knowledge Management Content – then make those investments.

And – just because an L&D profession can determine a valid Learning Need and gap in Content – does not in and of itself warrant meeting that need – in any manner.

It’s a Business Decision. 


The L-C-S Framework View

I use both views…


Overview of the Big Picture


T&D Process 4.1: T&D Issues Generation and Assessment Process

Process Purpose

The T&D Issues Generation and Assessment Process identifies both T&D current and future issues (high-payback problems/opportunities) and brings them to the attention of the T&D Governance and Advisory System.


Process Description

The T&D Issues Generation and Assessment Process identifies things to work on within the T&D system: either problems and/or opportunities. It validates and “costs out” the problem/opportunity and better forecasts return on investment and economic value add for any improvement effort.

The systems and mechanisms for initially gathering this data might include the balanced scorecard, suggestion boxes, E-mail, or other complaint systems, and/or polling of the various enterprise leaders and employees participating within each of the T&D systems’ many processes.

Regardless of the source of initial insight regarding the T&D systems’ shortcomings and missed (current or future) opportunities, they will need to be validated.

The validation processes might be similar to most enterprises’ quality or problem-solving methods. The problems’/opportunities’ cost of nonconformance can be determined as well as the cost of conformance to determine ROI potential.

The cost of conformance can be estimated based on rough plans and prior experience activities for addressing other, similarly scoped projects.

For More About This Process In the T&D Systems View

See my 2001 book: T&D Systems View.


Click on image to link to the download page.

T&D Systems View is also available as a $15 Paperback book – and $7.50 as a Kindle – for more information and/or to order – please go – here.

This 2018 Weekly Series Continues Next Tuesday

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