L&D: Let Models of Performance Guide Self-Directed Informal & Formal Learning

Before The Analysis Dust Has Settled

I’ve had more than several clients jokingly tell me – over the past 3 decades – that once they saw the Performance Model charts and data, and the Enabling K/S Matrices and data – that perhaps they could forgo building Training for it all – and just let these Analysis Outputs guide their target audiences.


My response has always been – that they won’t need all of that covered in Training – and some of it would appropriately be left to: Un-Structured OJT.

A Decade ago or so that became known as Informal Learning. I’d been calling it Un-Structured OJT since the early 1980s. Same Diff.

In the Design Phase – after Analysis – some of the K/S Items – as well as some of the Output-Tasks Clusters – would be left on the Cutting Room floor – as in film editing.

And maybe some potential Content would not be resourced, post-Design – right away – or ever – and something like Un-Structured OJT would have to suffice. But the good news is that all of it would at least have a name to it – that Un-Structured OJT stuff.

That’s the Value Add of the Analysis data even if not Designed, or Developed.


Who Says So?

The Master Performers and Other SMEs chosen to be in the Analysis Team – and later the Design Team – says so. That’s who.


Not that they are perfect – but who else would you ask?

And that’s why it’s also very wise to Pilot Test most Content before any General Release.

Examples of What I’m Talking About

PowerPoint Show: Sales Data – From 1986

Examples of Sales Performance and Knowledge & Skills Data – PPT Show

PowerPoint Show: Sales Data – From 1993

Example 2 of Sales Performance and Knowledge & Skills Data

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