L&D: Managing What Is Important – Currently

I Take a Process Perspective 

And what I’ve found in most L&D functions is that darn few Processes are visible/known/called out – let alone managed and Continuously Improved.

Very few have a Map on the Wall – of their own Processes.


Back in the late 1980s and early 1990s I have several projects to help clients get a better handle on their internal Processes. It ended up being the foundation of my 2001 book: T&D Systems View.


47 Processes embedded in 12 Sub-Systems within a T&D (or L&D) System.

Which of course, is a System within other Systems.


Where to start?

In the book. It’s available as a Free PDF and as a Kindle and Paperback.

T&D Systems View (2001)

Click on image below to link to the download page for the Free PDF.

T&D Systems View is also available as a $15 Paperback book – and $7.50 as a Kindle – for more information and/or to order – please go – here.


Or in a PowerPoint Show of a 4-5 day Workshop

Tuesday L&D Audit Stuff 2018 – 2006 Workshop Slides

And this PowerPoint Show from my 2018 Blog Series

Tuesday’s L&D Audit Focus – 2018 Blog Series Slides

What’s Currently Important – May Change

So keep reviewing your Process Map for new targets for Improvement.

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