L&D: Personalized Learning Is Adaptive Learning

The L&D Path/ Development Map/ T&D Blueprint 

Is used to down-select what is needed by the Individual – given their job assignment which might vary from others’ assignments – and what their incoming knowledge/skills are given their prior education and experiences.

An Individual Planning Guide facilitates the down-select and the sequencing and the timing/schedule.


This has been the philosophy of this methodology since the early 1980s.


No one typically ever needs everything on the Path/Map.


The suggested sequence of Content on the Path is sequenced by the Master Performers on the Design Team.

Not that they get it perfect – but who else would you ask? They understand the Path or Map as they created the Analysis data that was used in the Design process that they participated in.


This help them create a Plan of the so-called 10 and 20 before the informal 70 – to thwart any poor practices or misunderstandings that come without the upfront 10 and structured 20.


As I’ve written about previously – do Most 10 Before Most 20 Before Most 70.

As a general rule.

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