L&D: Be Like Mark

Everybody Wants to Rule Their World

And too often see themselves and their contribution as THE Key.

Or THE Ring … to Rule Them All – so to speak.


But who directs the Enterprise – in terms of what it does in the Value Chain or Value Chains – and what every other function needs to align to?



If you wish to run your L&D shop as a business – then be like Mark – and think like Marketing. (With apologies to fans of Mike – Michael Jordan.)


The 4 Ps of Marketing could/should be your guide. This framework is from Philip Kotler from way back in the day – back in 1967. There are newer (of course) and more sophisticated models. Start simple and then expand into the more complex – as/if needed.


Of course Marketing needed approval for their plans before they executed them and directed the rest of the Enterprise accordingly. That Board of Approval would be the “Governance & Advisory System” for a T&D/L&D function.


Governance & Advisory System

Search on “Governance & Advisory System” on this site for much more about how I see that – or go to 12 O’Clock in my book: T&D Systems View – available as a Free PDF or Kindle or Paperback – in the Resource Tab.

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