L&D/PI: Sometimes You Should Just “Let It Go”

Just Because You Can – Doesn’t Mean You Should

If the Costs of Non-Conformance (the R in ROI) is $2M and the Costs of Conformance are $10M (the I in ROI) – you should “Let it Go.”

Or if you can do a Performance Improvement Intervention for $4,000 – but the return is only $2,000 – take a pass. Or a $40,000 investment for a$20,000 return.


Sometimes the Costs of living with a problem – is preferable to addressing it.

From a financial standpoint.

It’s a Business Decision.

And there may be bigger fish to fry – so to speak. Better uses of the time, energy and all resources on something with a greater potential return.

Good Stewards of Shareholder Equity Don’t Squander It

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