L&D: Outcomes in Learning Should Lead to Outcomes Back OTJ

Inputs >> Processes >> Outputs >> Outcomes

Where Outcomes = Meeting Stakeholders’ Requirements.

Stakeholders beyond the Customer BTW.


To Avoid Performers Learning Poor Practices

Do Most 10 Before Most 20 Before Most 70.

Unless it’s not really Critical Performance BTW.


Flip It

Flip the 70-20-10 Reference Model to 10-20-70. To stop poor/bad practices from being learned and then having to be Un-learned.



In the Navy that’s the term for Rumors. Which could be true. But most often not.

A Scuttled Butt was the name of the cask used to serve water on a ship – way back in the day. Way back.


Past Posts on Flipping the 70-20-10 Model

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70-20-10? … As Always – It Depends.

L&D: Most 10 Before Most 20 Before Most 70

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