L&D: Get Completion Rates Up? Get Authentic!

Why Are Elearning Completion Rates So Low?

It’s a common lament. And the numbers seem to be all over the place. But why?


Relevance of the Content May Be a Good Part of the Problem

Topics versus Tasks is one thing. There’s way too much of that IMO.

Tasks without authentic practice and timely corrective and/or reinforcing feedback is another. There’s also way too much of that as well.


It all goes off the rails early IMO when your Analysis is Content Analysis versus Performance Analysis for each Target Audience.

Each. Target Audience. Not some generalized Target Audience.


Elearning and the Knowledge/Skills Categories

I covered this before – here.

These are my 17 Categories of Enabling K/Ss from my PACT Processes for Training/ Learning/ Knowledge Management.

When you cover any of these it needs to be within the “CONTEXT” of Performing the Tasks that Produce the Outputs that Meet the Stakeholder Requirements.

K-S Categories

Elearning is great for many – but not all – of them.

Focus on the Performance Requirements – and Enable Them

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