L&D: You Can’t Judge a Thing By The Summary Graphic

I was asked recently about a Concept/Approach from someone else – that I overviewed in a Blog Post – and also provided the linked original source – which was seen on other Social Media via an even shorter overview and Summary Graphic.

Actually – I was challenged about it. The Summary Graphic.

But the challenge itself suggested that either the link provided to the Blog Post and then the link to the original source were not followed, or read, or comprehended. Therefore the Blog Post’s summary graphic was not understood. Or it was misunderstood.


Just as you cannot or should not judge a book by its cover – you should not judge or challenge a concept/approach by reviewing only the summary – via graphics and/or text.

Please Challenge it if you will – but please – only after you’ve read/reviewed what was provided – in its entirety.

Asking me to explain what’s already been provided is lazy on your – and a waste of my time on mine. Expecting a graphic to explain fully what takes 2-3 pages to present is also unrealistic.

Share your Questions, Comments and/or Concerns with me – after doing your homework. I am happy to engage. Otherwise – I am not.

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