L&D: Personalized L&D Content – Just For You

Is Still About the Performance Competence Requirements

In an Enterprise Learning Context.


In my methods – in my Curriculum Architecture Design portion of my PACT Processes for T&D/ Learning/ Knowledge Management – a Development Map or a Learning Path, etc. – is built using analysis data about the Performance Competence Requirements and the Enabling Knowledge & Skills.

Master Performers are facilitated to define the Performance and then systematically derive the K/Ss – and then are facilitated again to Map the Path – a modular Path of modular Events of modular Lessons or modular Instructional Activities – in a suggested sequence – with Truth in Titling at each level in the modular hierarchy – to help Guide the planning efforts.


Here is an example Path done in 2003…


Here is an example of key elements of the Individual Planning Guide – associated with that Path – also done in 2003…


So – Yes – Personalized.


And MOST IMPORTANTLY – Performance Competence Based.


Otherwise – it’s likely just a collection of Courses/Modules.

And a collection of Modules – is not a modular performance-based Curriculum.

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