L&D: Recalling the Contributions of Geary Rummler

For Those Newer to the Fields of L&D and PI

Learning & Development and Performance Improvement. Those are fields where Geary was one of a handful (or two) of pioneers – whose work is still being used – by those who have been clued in to it. More should be IMO.

Today – April 16th – is the anniversary of his birth.


That’s me with the good doctor in 1982.

I worked with him on a dozen or so projects during my time with MTEC – Motorola’s Training & Education Center. I even showed up to MTEC one week earlier than my start date to attend a session he was giving – that was video taped and the day boiled down to 46 minutes. I was coming from Wickes Lumber in Saginaw where I worked 1979-1981 in a Training department where his brother-in-law worked and my supervisor and my co-worker (new from Blue Cross Blue Shield in Detroit themselves) had worked with Geary’s brother Rick. That video is posted below – along with 3 others.

I became a Rummler-ite – or Rummler-lite as one person joked years later, while at Wickes. I met Geary at the NSPI Conference in 1980. Then working with the master for 18 months – was very impactful to my professional development to say the least.

You Can’t Get There From Here

Back in 1967 Geary wrote this…

See the past post – from 2011 – on this – here.

Video 1981

2 Videos from 1986


Video from 2008

Video of the Tribute to Geary Rummler at ISPI in 2009

3 Personal Mementos from Rummler

From 1999 – The Book Review…

He signed his book for me in 2004…

I do miss my Rummler-Booster shots – which I got annually at NSPI/ISPI Conferences.

His Books

For Geary’s books – please go – here.

One More Time

Copy this for yourself…

Note – the quote changed slightly over the decades. Geary was always into continuous improvement.


The photo in this version is from 2008 and the video he did with me at the ISPI Conference.

Watch those early videos from the 1980s to get to know Geary’s contributions to the fields of T&D and Performance Improvement.

Geary – RIP. And thank you for all of your mentoring!

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