L&D: Curated Content? It’s a Start.

Yes – There Are Boatloads of Content Already Available 

But is it authentic enough?


Authentic enough and with Practice & Feedback built it to create deeper learning?


You may need to BOOKEND Curated Content with Advanced Organizers – to position and clarify the terminal applications/terminal objectives. Explain any different language/labels used in the Curated Content from what the Performer will use in their job.


On the backend they may need to be reminded of those differences from the Curated Content and their authentic, real world of the Performer’s job. And to help provide Practice & Feedback – enough so that the Performer has enough confidence to actually try the new knowledge and skills back on the job.

Face Validity vs Performance Validity

Curated Content may have Face Validity – and seem like it should “fit” – but not enough  Performance Validity to ensure better transfer.

And also there may be a need for On-the-Job Reinforcement (Spaced Learning) unless the job itself will accomplish that.

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