L&D: Management Areas of Performance

Originally Created in 1994 Based on 20+ Management Analyses

I’ve adapted it a bit since then. My goal in this version of the structure was to help jump start analysis of Management – as a target audience – and to help discern the shareable versus unique processes and practices, outputs and tasks, roles and responsibilities, and training and development.

I’m all about shareability – where desirable – and only if it doesn’t require genericizing the content so that it’s next to useless.


Not every level of management does everything in the graphic. For example, Supervisors are seldom involved in formulating a Strategic Plan – but are most often involved in implementing the tactics of said Strategic Plans.

Sometime the roles and responsibilities for outputs and tasks are shared – for example in Human Asset Management where one would find the hiring and firing of staff done in conjunction sometimes with line management and HR’s Recruiting & Selection function – or the training and development of staff done in conjunction sometimes with line management and the Training & Development function inside HR or not.


It’s a starter model – not the finished product. Many of the names of the “Areas” of Performance need to be edited to the language of the Enterprise.


This was covered in my 2007 book: Management Areas of Performance – which is available as a FREE PDF – here.

And it was covered in another book:

Developing Your Management Areas of Performance Competence (2011) – as Paperback and Kindle

– a model for individual use or Enterprise-wide use to define a Manager’s Performance Competence requirements, assess for improvement areas, and then develop a Management Development Plan.

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