T&D: Personalized Learning with Effectiveness First – Efficiency Second

In An Enterprise Context

The Individual Development Plan – for both OnBoarding and OnGoing development needs – should be driven by: 1st the Job Assignment specifics – and adjusted/adapted 2nd by the incoming knowledge/skills from prior education and experience.


The Development Map/Path

I use Maps and Specs (Specifications) in my architectural approach to ISD – and have since 1982.

The Map of the content – modularized events and performance guidance – including Initial Learning and Spaced Reinforcement Learning – for OnBoarding and OnGoing Development – was termed a Path back in 1982.

If you will … Empathy for the Performers – who needed to learn how to perform – no kidding.


The Path/Map helps orient the Content to my 10:20:70 approach:

Most 10 Before Most 20 Before Most 70

From My 1985 Presentation at NSPI on Curriculum Architecture Design Via a Group Process

Slide2 (11)

The Curriculum/Curricula – sets of Content – were intended to maximize the “appropriate” ReUse of Content – either “As Is” or “After Modification” – to save my clients in their First Costs and their Life Cycle Costs.

The “architectural” approach of my methodology had that kind of Design Thinking as a driver – Cost Reductions for the Life Cycle Costs – for many Target Audiences.

Empathy for the Shareholders, if you will.

The Map/Path Was Targeted at Jobs or Teams or Processes or Departments

And needed a Planning Guide to help the Learner/Performer and their Supervisor/Teammate help them “Down Select, Sequence and Schedule” what was appropriate for their unqiue Job Assignment.


My Predictable Process for Accomplishing This

All of this should ideally be under the control of a Project Steering Team – to ensure that the Enterprise’s Critical Business Issues were targeted.

Empathy for them and those, if you will.

The upside-down traffic lights – Go Lights – were their Gate Review Meetings.

Or Stop – if necessary.


Architectural Work Leads to Build/Buy Efforts

Just as in Building design. Or Home design. Or Product design.


It’s About Performance Effectiveness First

First Protect and then Improve the Enterprise.


My ISD Methods Are Branded As PACT

– and have been since the late 1980s.

First at Svenson & Wallace Inc. (1982-1997). Then at CADDI Inc. (1997-2002).


And now at EPPIC Inc. (2002-today).

I’ve completed 75 CAD efforts to date – since 1982 – using my methods, templates and tools, and am currently assisting a client with my 76th.

# # #

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