T&D: Learning Content Is Too Often Not Training Content

Training Connotes More Than Information Deployment

Training Connotes Practice with Corrective and/or Reinforcing Feedback.

Learning Content is too often simply Information. Curated Content is as well.


The Road to Performance Competence is not likely enabled by deploying Information and/or Curated Content – unless the audience has sufficient Prior Knowledge/Skill and Competence.Then it might be OK. Otherwise it would not be sufficient.

It – Information and Curated Content – typically needs to be bookended and augmented. Information alone is not going to get the job done IMO.


My ISD methods use a Lesson Map format – and have since 1991 – with “Five Easy Pieces” – which I label as Instructional Activities or Administrative Activities.


Instructional & Administrative Activities

Opentypically Establishes the Learning Objective(s), ties back to Prior Knowledge/Skill and Competence, and presents the Content Flow. This is an Administrative Activity.

INFO – typically presents the enabling Knowledge & Skills needed for the Application Exercises (APPOs). This is an Instructional Activity.

DEMO – typically presents a demonstration – in regular speed, slow-motion speed, if needed, in advance of the Application Exercises (APPOs). DEMOs are not always needed. This is an Instructional Activity.

APPOtypically presents Application Exercises that are authentic with corrective and/or reinforcing feedback – and are repeated with increasing real-world difficulties, until the performance-based Learning Objectives of the Lesson are met. This is an Instructional Activity.

Close – typically provides for structured Reflection and a transition to the next Lessons. This is an Administrative Activity.

Each Instructional Activity – then is detailed out on an Instructional Activity Spec. Each Administrative Activity follows a set pattern – to make it easy on the audience.

BTW – Micro-Learning – as a Spaced Reinforcement – or as a stand alone for really small sets of content – IMO – needs these same 5 Easy Pieces as well.

What’s In Your Design?

Lesson Mapping is covered in my 1999 book: lean-ISD and my 2011 book on MCD, and in many Blog Posts and in several of my pre-Blog Newsletter articles (going back to 1993). Search this site using Lesson Maps and Lesson Mapping for more.

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