T&D: Some Level of Memorization Will Always Be Required

Performance Support Doesn’t End That

Knowing (from Memory) where and how to find that Performance Support will be required if/once the volume of Performance Support grows and grows.

As it should as the devices for access are ubiquitous.


I’ve always organized Instructional Content – and what is Performance Support – if not Instructional Content – using a Performance Logic – and in the mid-to-late 1980s settled on my 5 Tier Inventory Framework.


This drove the numbering scheme for my CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design effort’s modular Events, modular Modules leading to my MCD – Modular Curriculum Development (my ADDIE-like methodology-set) and its modular Events, modular Lessons and modular Instructional Activities.


That linked/sync’ed with my L-C-S Model of Departmental and Functional Framework of AoPs – Areas of Performance – which I used to sort Shared and Unique Processes. Another Performance Logic framework.


I’m all about The Processes.

And so are my ISD and my PI methods.

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