T&D: Slow Your DEMOs Down

The Hand Is Quicker Than the Eye

If – a DEMO is appropriate – and it isn’t always – then it should be slow enough and with Stop-Go Points to fully demonstrate the performance expected in the APPO.

The APPO is the Application Exercise – an authentic set of Tasks producing the Outputs just like the job.

Of course, some of the details might need to be left out – so as to not create cognitive overload.


The PACT Processes Analysis data – from Performance Model and the Knowledge/Skills Matrices – flow into the APPO and INFO columns respectively, of the Lesson Map.


I have my Design Team decide if a DEMO is needed – to help the learners/Performers get mentally ready for the APPO after the INFO.

The Design Team – Master Performers and Other SMEs – were also the Analysis Team that define the Performance Competence required.

Not that they make perfect decisions – but who else would you ask? Who else could you ask – with credibility that is.

And the Pilot Test will tell us whether or not that that was the right Design Decision.


It all starts with EMPATHY for the learner/Performers and what they need.

They need Performance Competence – which requires Knowledge and Skills and Practice – Practice – Practice.


All too often Instruction is simply a Content Dump – and the exercises are sprung on people who have just been fed with a firehose – so to speak.

And the exercises could most often be called Mickey Mouse – or inauthentic. Or both.


Focus of the Performance Requirements – and Enable Them

With Instruction – Performance Support – and/or Training. Because Practice is often Critically Important to Learning How To Perform.

It’s usually more than Information or Curated Content. Especially for the Most Critical Performance Competence requirements.

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