T&D: Revisiting My Past Newsletter Articles on ISD and PI

ISD – Instructional Systems Design – and – PI – Performance Improvement

Summer of 1999 – Governance and Advisory Processes
Align T&D with Business Strategy and Needs


Alignment is a subject across the T&D or L&D landscape. BTW – it’s been that way for many decades in my experience.

Being in sync with your leadership and working on their Critical Business Issues – is critical to being a great team player. And IMO THAT is what T&D/L&D is all about – being a Team Player.

Too many seem to think that T&D/L&D is at the tip of the spear – so to speak. That is beyond arrogance IMO. T&D – like form – follows function. Or should.

Getting aligned for most large T&D organizations should be more Formal than not. Informal – when there are many players – brings “the politics” aspect of this particular business decision making into the shadows rather than out of the shadows.


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