T&D: HPT Practitioner and Legacy Videos – From 2014

Better Late Than Never

My colleague and friend Gary DePaul captured these 2 videos for me as I was on an extended consulting engagement and wasn’t going to be attending the 2014 ISPI Conference. I am just now finally getting around to doing the post production and posting on these. My bad.

Mike Blahnik

Video is 3:30 in length.

Dale Brethower

Video is 10:30 in length

For more on Dale Brethower – please see this post from July 2012 – the first in my former Blog Post series: My First Friday Favorite Guru Series here.

My HPT Practitioner and HPT Legacy Videos

For More on my HPT Practitioner and HPT Legacy Video posts – please go here.

There are now 63 videos from me in this collection.

Plus one from Steven Kelly and Mari Novak.

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