T&D: Bob Mosher at ISPI Charlotte

70:20:10 – Are We Missing a HUGE Opportunity?

May 10, 2018 – I watched a video of Bob presenting in The Netherlands last year – and did a little research on him – only to discover that he lived very near Charlotte NC – unless one considers the Charlotte traffic.

So I reached out to him on LinkedIn to see if he’d be interested in speaking at my local ISPI Chapter. He said yes – and so I informed the Board member doing Programming – and within months he was on the program. I asked if he would allow me to video and post his talk – and he agreed to that as well.


The Video on YouTube

The video is just under 90 minutes.

Photos From the Chapter Meeting


Thanks Bob!


You can reach Bob Mosher by email at: bob@applysynergies.com

You can find his book at Amazon – here.


And his firm’s website is: http://www.applysynergies.com

Learn more about ISPI Charlotte at: http://www.ispicharlotte.org

Post Program BBQ

My 3rd request was that he join some of the members for a late dinner after the program – and he agreed to that as well.

Left to right: Guy Wallace, Oliver Pincus, Gary DePaul, Don Kirkey, Kiran Budhrani, Bob Mosher.


All post photos by Kiran Budhrani.

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