T&D: Biographical Sketch of Richard E. Clark by Nadia Naffi (2014)

Followers Know That Dick Clark Is Someone Whom I Admire

Richard E Clark EdD, that is. So…

I was asking Nadia Naffi, PhD, how she came to find me – to ask me to speak to her class at Concordia in Montreal (last week).

It seems that Dick Clark was our connector – unbeknownst to him I bet. Here’s what Nadia wrote when I wondered out loud in an email about that…

“… in 2014, I was taking a course called Advanced Learning and Cognition, and the professor handed out this list of names that included “Richard E Clark”, and asked us to present a biographical sketch of one of these names. I chose Dick Clark and as I started looking for materials by or about him, your interview with him in 2012 at the ISPI conference came first! I loved the video so I decided to contact him directly through LinkedIn and this was the result:

19 minute video…

I have been following your work since! :)

Here is that video of Dick Clark – 55 minutes in length – that Nadia refers to:

I’m always a fan … of fans … of Dick Clark and his work.

So I had to share Nadia’s video along with my 2012 interview at the 2012 ISPI Conference.

Thanks Nadia for allowing me to share your biographical sketch!

I hope followers of this Blog find value in these 2 videos!

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