T&D: The Sweet Spot in T&D Planning

Where Needs Meet Wants – Or – Need to Have Meets Has?

Is it where Learner/Performers’ Wants meet their Needs?


Do they know what the job requirements really are when they are new?


IMO the Sweet Spot is hit when What they need to have is modified by what they already have and the Gap is defined – and agreed upon.


A T&D Path – the way that I have been doing them – since the early 1980s – is based on a detailed Performance Model which then drives the Enabling Knowledge/Skills captured – and is then organized on a flexible Path – a suggested sequence to be modified as needed – after considering the actual job assignment and the incoming knowledge and skills of each individual.


The way I’ve been referring to the Planning Process since the late 1980s – is to down-select from the Path to the Plan.


That’s how one gets to The Sweet Spot – IMO.

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