T&D: Where Is Your Focus and Intent?

For Immediate Improvement In Your Results

Unless, of course, you are already focused on Tasks versus Topics. If you are not, change THAT!


Learning Content that is authentic to the Target Audience’s Performance Context – their authentic Tasks and Outputs – will more easily transfer – if it includes Practice with Feedback on those authentic Tasks and Outputs.

Unless, of course, you’ve overloaded them cognitively, with unnecessary details, that are part of their Context – but are not necessary to the Application Exercise.

If they eventually need to be able to use all of those details on the job – ease them into it with simple scenarios to start and increase the complexity and details to ramp them up to that over a succession of Exercises.


If you don’t understand your Audience’s application of what you are providing them – you are simply doing a presentation on a topic – and not Training – or Learning How to Perform.


What is your intent?

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