T&D: Do Not Use Strawmen In Your Pitch

Setting Up a Falsehood To Make Your Point Is Disingenuous

And way too often – too obvious.

straw man – noun: strawman

  1. 1. an intentionally misrepresented proposition that is set up because it is easier to defeat than an opponent’s real argument. “her familiar procedure of creating a straw man by exaggerating their approach”


Your Point, your logic should stand on its own.

If your Strawman point or argument is seen as such – your point, your argument looses its credibility – even when it would have had that on its own.

This Seems A Prevalent Practice in L&D/T&D Lately

We need X because of Y – where Y isn’t true.

Strawmen are falsehoods. Exaggerations. Or facts not germane to the discussion.

Are you seeing this in what you see online as much as I am?

Introducing Strawmen into a dialogue, a counterpoint, an argument, a sales pitch – should be avoided.

Again, your point – your product/service – should stand on its own merit and not require establishing some false premise from which you can then logically conclude your point.

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