T&D: My Book 6-Pack on PACT to EPPI

These Books Cover My ISD and PI Methods

ISD – Instructional Systems Design

PI – Performance Improvement

Note: these books provide a great deal of detailed information. If you’re looking for light reading – please look elsewhere! :)

For L&D/T&D Managers


For Analysts


Also For Analysts


For Designers of T&D Paths or Development Maps


For Designers of Performance Support and Instruction 


For Anyone Interested in Moving From Training to Performance Improvement


The Wallace 6 Pack


Cherry Pick what is meaningful to your job and/or aspirations!

Information about these 6 books – and others – is available – here.

PACT Paths

Or check out the PACT Paths through the “curriculum” of my Free Resources – including articles, audio podcasts, blog posts, chapters, PowerPoint Shows, presentations and videos, – here.

They are organized by the 5 key Roles in the PACT Processes:

  • PPA – PACT Performance Analyst
  • PCD – PACT CAD Designer
  • PMD – PACT MCD Designer
  • PLD – PACT Lead Developer
  • PPM – PACT Project Manager

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