T&D: Distributed Knowledge Retrieval & Task Practice – By Design

By The Design Team

A performance-based T&D Path can provide Distributed Knowledge Retrieval & Task Practice – By Design – and is more appropriate in my experience when influenced by a Design Team of Master Performers and Other SMEs who know the authentic Performance Context.


Knowledge Retrieval Practice

Prompting Recall is important to battling the Forgetting Curve – which I joking say, “… is steeper than the Learning Curve.”

Use It or Lose It.

Task Practice

Prompting Task Practice – the application of Knowledge – is important to battling the Forgetting Curve too – and for improving one’s capability by developing/improving physical capability (e.g.: hand-eye coordination), psychological adaptation (e.g.: taking rejection and failure and keeping at it until confidence is built), and intellectual expansion (e.g.: thinking deeper about cause and effect and managing it better).

Practice, Practice, Practice.


Massed Practice is not as effective as Distributed/ Spaced Practice.

My grandson’s baseball coaches know this as they work with 10 and 11 year olds.

You don’t just practice bunting or taking a lead while on base or sliding – one time. You practice throughout the season – as well as in real games.

The same is true in adult jobs.

Awareness-Knowledge-Skills-Performance Competence

Knowledge development is but a stepping stone on the way to Task Application – or whatever you prefer to call it. And Awareness needs to come prior – especially if there is a lot of Knowledge components. And then you get to Skills. Based on Awareness and Knowledge.

And then … that should lead to Performance Competence.


And most Performance Competence – the ability to Perform Tasks to Produce Outputs to Stakeholder Requirements – is a combination of many of those A-K-S piece parts.

And often Performance Competence brings together many jobs and roles in the Performance Context – to “get ‘er done.”

It often takes a Team – to get it right in the Analysis and Design of a performance-based T&D Path. A Team of Master Performers and Other SMEs who know the authentic Performance Context.

And then the Macro and Micro Design – the modular Path – and the modular Events on that Path – to provide the authentic INFOs and DEMOs and APPOs – for the Initial Instruction – and the Distributed Recall and Task Practice.

If it’s important.

Develop Yourself & Then Practice

And there’s more in my 1999 book: “lean-ISD” – available as a Free PDF and as a Kindle or Paperback: here. And in the PACT Practitioner Self-Development Paths…

PACT Path Banner 2018


And then Practice in your projects yourself – and test yourself or each other on the Knowledge components.

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