T&D: Leveraging Performance Competence – Beyond Instruction – Wednesdays

One Could Have All of the Knowledge and Skills Necessary for Performance Competence Yet Still Lack the Materials & Supplies to Perform Competently

Among other Performance variables.


Materials & Supplies

The Materials & Supplies Systems provide all of the materials and supplies needed to enable job holders to perform at a level of Performance Competence. These can include consumables used in the Process to produce Outputs and elements of the final Output for the Products and/ or Services resulting from the Processes.

If this is an issue – perhaps your Enterprise needs to look more closely at its Materials & Supply Systems.


What’s In Your Analysis Methods?

What do you and your methods bring to the issues – problems and opportunities – to help address the Performance Competence Requirements of the Individuals, Teams, Processes, Functions and Enterprise?

Is it time for a Tune Up?


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