T&D: Performance Competence In A Systems Context – Part 2

Capturing the Performance Competence Requirements

See Part 1 – here.

Performance is complex. So is Performance Improvement. Training can help – and sometimes make up for an imperfect system. Not always – but often IME – in my experience.

If Master Performers can do it – others can emulate them and their Best Practices to achieve similar results IMO. That’s why we seek advice from others. That’s why we ask people to share – to show their work.

But we either let everyone figure that out on their own – which might be effective while being inefficient. Or we can improve the efficiency of getting people to be more effective.


What is Performance Competence? What is it at the Individual level, the Team level, the Process level, the Department level, the Function level, the Enterprise level, the Value Chain level, the Societal level?

To me – it’s all the same – scalable definition:


And key is understanding Who Sets the Requirements?


How to Capture the Performance Competence Requirements

Part A – frame the Performance in AoPs – Areas of Performance – which house one or more Processes.



Part B – capture the details of Performance on a Performance Model chart – including the Outputs and their key measures, the associated Tasks for each Output, the Roles & Responsibilities for each Task – and the typical Gaps for each Outputs and their Probable Causes.

Or Root Causes if you’ve got the time, inclination and charge.



In the above example – X means “to Execute” the Tasks.

My Guidance

This has been my Job Aid for staff and clients since the late 1980s:


Page 2


Of course it’s more nuanced than this Job Aid/Guidance provides. This is for help for most after Training. Although – depending on prior knowledge/skills – some can use this successfully without any formal Training. I’ve seen it.

Some Resources

Find them all in the Resource Tab. There are hundreds and hundreds.


A rather new set of Resources are my PACT Practitioner Self-Development Paths – paths through the myriad of Free Resources I’ve made available over the decades. Not all of my free resources – as their are hundred. But enough to get you started. Also in the Resources Tab.


It’s Not All About Learning. It’s All About Performance.


Next – Part 3: Systematically Deriving the Enablers of Performance Competence

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