T&D: My 4-Part Webinar Map

Too Many Webinars Don’t Go Far Enough

Webinars as typically conducted build Awareness and Knowledge and seldom get into Skills – the ability to Apply the Content. Maybe that’s OK.

But often they just don’t go far enough – into the start of building skills at applying the Content.

Of course the applications may be tricky as the audience may have widely different – authentic – applications.


Part 1

The Webinar Presenter creates their Performance Objectives, then their Application Exercise and Materials, and then their Presentation and finally constructs a Handout for downloading.

The Audience downloads the Handout in advance and reads the Pre-Readings as an Advanced Organizer.

The Webinar Presenter presents the Webinar (Part A) and conducts Q&A.

Part 2

The Audience completes the Exercise Materials and then sends the Materials to the Webinar Presenter as a PDF and Jpegs – as directed.

Part 3

The Webinar Presenter reviews the Exercise Materials returned and creates another Presentation and constructs a 2nd Handout for downloading.

Part 4

The Audience downloads the 2nd Handout and reviews.

The Webinar Presenter presents the 2nd Webinar (Part B) and conduct Q&A – and suggest further study/reference materials.

Your Thoughts?

I’m going to start offering Webinars using this 4-Part Map.


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