L&D: Dude, Where’s My Job Aid?

Performance Support

As the approach is more fully embraced and the volume of Support grows and grows – think about the UX.

The User Experience. Finding them. And using them.


Finding Them

If they grow in volume finding them might become an issue. Start off right. Organize them by the Process they enable.

Some Processes are unique to a Department, while others are shared.

Organize them by the Department that owns the Process.

Put “Processes for Sales Pricing” Job Aids in the Sales area of the Intranet (or Cloud) – and put the “Budget Completion Process” Job Aid in the Finance area.

Using Them

Make sure that they are conducive for use in the flow of the Process Performance – by design. Welders and Linemen may need both hands free to do their work – so watching your video may not be the best media for the Performance Context.

Seek input from current Master Performers for their guidance. Not that they are perfect – but who else would know?

Test ‘Em Out

And test out your Performance Support/Guidance is there is any Risks or Rewards at stake.

Use Master Performers to determine if the guidance is accurate, complete and appropriate for typical and atypical situations.

Use Novice Performers to see if it guides well enough – both the overt and covert behaviors necessary to perform to standard.

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