T&D: Revisiting My Past Newsletter Articles on ISD and PI

ISD – Instructional Systems Design – and – PI – Performance Improvement

Spring of 1999 – Developing Instructional Activities with IAD


IAD is one of my 3 ISD “Design” Methodology-sets in the PACT Processes for T&D.

As a subset of MCD – Modular Curriculum Development (my ADDIE-like methodology) it doesn’t build/buy (and modify and/or bookend) Instructional Content – it builds/buys piece-parts.

A client back in the mid 1980s asked me after a CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design effort – if instead of building modular content we could build just the Sales Demos and some Job Aids for their National Sales Conference that was coming up very soon – and then later build the full Instructional products called out in the CAD design.

I said yes and that’s what we did.

Why it was important for me to call this out as a separate methodology-set was that I wanted to ensure that I could design and build the bathroom, then the apartment, and then the entire entire Apartment Complex – as an Architect might need to approach an assignment.

Start at the top with CAD or at the bottom with IAD. And then go from there.


Get the 20 page Newsletter PDF – here:


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