T&D: New Book From Patti Shank

Manage Memory for Deeper Learning: 21 evidence-based and easy-to-apply tactics that support memory while learning and beyond


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Does your content interfere with learning? This book shows you how to work within the attributes and limitations of memory, so people can learn, remember, and apply. All tactics are concise, research driven, and easy to apply.

You’ll learn when we should repeat content and when we should not. What to do to help people remember. How to move from shallow learning to deep learning. Patti supplies examples, checklists, and job aids to help you learn, remember, and apply.

If you build instruction for an adult audience, this book will improve your instruction and outcomes!

Manage Memory for Deeper Learning describes and shows four research-based strategies and 21 specific tactics for managing memory in adult instruction. The strategies and tactics come from research in cognition, learning, information design, usability, user experience, and comprehension. For each strategy, Patti supplies specific actionable tactics that you can implement right this minute, with examples, checklists, and job aids.

Patti Shank, PhD wrote this series of books to help anyone who builds adult instructional materials (content experts, instructors, instructional designers, trainers, and so on) apply research to improve instructional outcomes!

My Amazon Online Review

This is another must-have book from Patti Shank. Her evidence-based tactics will help you create learning content that is remembered and used. I was an early reviewer of this book and I would highly recommend it it to every L&D/T&D organization as input for their collective review of their own processes and methods.

Guy W. Wallace, President, EPPIC Inc.

Patti Shank, PhD, has a great collection of books for those working in L&D/T&D!

Check them all out – here!

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