HPT Legacy Video: Dave Ferguson

Video Recorded June 11, 2018

Video is 121:48 minutes in length.

Sorry about the audio imbalance – turn it down for me and up for Dave.

Dave and I met at NSPI/ISPI Conferences decades ago – but didn’t really get to know each other until we connected on Social Media just over a decade ago.

He and I have the late Joe Harless and Joe’s methods and philosophies in common – plus others such as the late Frank Wydra, the late Geary Rummler, Dale Brethower and a dozen or so more from the past – and dozens more current practitioners that we both follow online.

He has been on my HPT Video Target List for years – and now that I am doing these via Skype and Camtasia – we no longer had to sit together to get ‘er done.

Dave’s Ensampler

Dave mentions this in the video interview…

About the Ensampler

Ensample, from the same root as example, means much the same thing: a model, an instance of a concept, a pattern to imitate or learn from.

Dave’s Ensampler is my collection of examples related to getting things accomplished in the workplace. “Job aid” is a short term for such guides. Job aids organize information for use on the job while reducing the need to memorize. They enable results that a person couldn’t produce without the job aid.

Browse the Ensampler via the categories in the sidebar, or take a look at the job aids listed by type.

Connect with Dave on Social Media

Dave’s email – dferguson@strathlorne.com

Dave’s Whiteboard – his Website & Blog- here.

Dave’s LinkedIn Profile – here.

Dave on Twitter – here.

My Collection of HPT Practitioner and HPT Legacy Videos

Over 60 videos – see the Index – here.

My goal when I began these in 2008 was to portray both the diversity of HPT Practice and Practitioners. Check them out!

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