T&D: Where Does All the Budget Go?

Tit For Tat

It’s a reasonable question – what do we get for all this money?

A question/post on LinkedIn by David James – here – got me going on this – again.


Another reasonable question is – what do you need from management?


Serving the needs of your customers can get quite complicated in a large Enterprise. Informal relationships may not cut it.


A more formal Governance & Advisory System – might exist at 3 levels – per my 2003 Encore Session at ISPI in 2003 (first delivered in 2002)…

Aligning to the VoC at 3 Levels ISPI 2003 – 2003 Encore Presentation at ISPI (was evaluated to be in the Top 5 Presentations at the 2002 Conference)


When there are more targets than you can resource – you need a better system.

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