T&D: The Performance Purpose of Development

The Purpose of Development Isn’t Esoteric

In an Enterprise Context – it’s all about Performance Capability. Current and Future Capability. Dealing with both short term and long term issues. Clear issues and murkey issues.


6 Things to Keep in Mind…


Being Goal-less – or having the Wrong Goals results in less impact to business performance.


The Measures would bite you if the were a snake. They are the current business metrics most of the time. The ones that the business already uses and trusts.


Not every effort is a Problem Solving effort – it could be an Improvement effort starting from a good place – or addressing new-to-the-job people.


Low Hanging Fruit bears the least impact.


Think Pareto when addressing Problems and Solution-sets.


Not every situation is dynamic – but when it is – find a way to stay close to the stakeholders and keep current.


It’s still all about the Performance Competence of the people.

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