T&D: Post Initial Learning

Post Initial Learning you might need to provide Reinforcement Learning – If the Job Itself Doesn’t Provide Timely, Clear Reinforcing or Corrective Feedback You May Need Spaced Reinforcement Learning Post Initial Learning.


If you need Initial Formal Learning at all.

You may be able to get the job done – back on the job – with Performance Support – either Standalone or after Training on how to find it and how to use it.


Make Sure Your Training – Initial and/or Reinforcement focuses on Practice & Feedback – not on stories to set up the need for learning.

I’m sorry – but if that isn’t obvious to the Learner/Performer – then perhaps you’re trying to push a wet Instructional Noodle in a straight line.


Stories might portray the consequences for Poor Performance and/or how to avoid that. Or they might convey the expertise of the Instructor.

But it better have a valid purpose – that is deemed necessary – and not just because its trendy. And then followed up with the INFOs and DEMOs and APPOs necessary to learn how to perform back on the job.

Or why bother?

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