T&D: PACT is ISD for Accelerated Performance Impact

PACT is an ISD Methodology-Set


Behind the Acronym


3 Levels of Design

For Paths through a Curriculum (CAD), building/buying the gaps in the current state (MCD) and building components including Job Aids/Performance Support (IAD).


CAD produces T&D Paths.

MCD is my version of ADDIE.

IAD is my shortcut process for producing Job Aids/Performance Support or Job Descriptions or feeding data into Recruiting/Selection processes in parallel or standalone from any ISD efforts to build/buy/curate Instructional & Informational Content.

5 Methodology-Sets


Engineer/Architect – Then Build/Buy

I’ve been doing CAD efforts as an external consultant since 1982.

What’s not built/bought remains Un-Structured OJT – nowadays known as Informal Learning.

Because not everything that can be addressed should be addressed.


There Is a Logic to the Data of PACT

For maintaining the content and the data over the long run. Because some things are just not static.


Why Bother?

For the ROI!


This is the Best Set of Testimonials from My Former Clients

My clients at General Motors University – back in 1997 – did this video to explain to their internal audiences what their version of my PACT Processes – was all about.

I did a PPTT – PACT Process Technology Transfer effort at GM/GMU from 1996 to 2000. They called their version MC/MI – Modular Curriculum/Modular Instruction.


Here is a 11 minute video of their testimony!

I can help you adopt and adapt these proven approaches. I’ve been helping client with improving their own ISD methods/processes and then staff development since 1983.


Contact me via email at:     guy.wallace@eppic.biz

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