T&D: From Training to Performance

In My Model I See 3 Steps or Stages

I see a move from 1) Training to 2) Performance Base Training to 3) Performance Improvement Consulting. I’ve posted on this before – and I have a book on this.

Stage 1- Training

Too many L&D/T&D Functions are doing Learning or Training – on Topics and Not Tasks.

Or it’s Tasks without a clear definition of the Outputs of those Tasks.

Or it’s lacking an understanding of how the Stakeholders measure those Outputs and those Tasks.

Or the barriers in the real-world – the Performance Context – that learners/Performers need to avoid or deal with if unavoidable.


Stage 2- Performance Based Training

When you doing Performance Based Training – or Learning – you are dealing with the Outputs and their Measures and the associated Tasks and their Measures. You are dealing with the typical Barriers and How To Avoid Them – or What To Do If Unavoidable.

And you are Testing Performance Competence and not just Awareness and Knowledge – and doing so within the Instruction – and later back-on-the-job.

And providing Reinforcement Instruction – Spaced Learning – as needed.

Stage 3- Performance Improvement Consulting

In Stage 3 you are not only uncovering those Barriers – but you are helping the client to address them – to a point.

You can help with the Analysis – and maybe the Design – but the Solution-Set may be so far removed from your bailiwick – that others need to step in and design and develop the non-Instructional solutions.

You’re going to Need a Bigger Boat – so to speak – for you may have to collaborate with many other solution providers – and YOU may not be at the helm – so to speak.

In fact, you may be The Tail – and Not the Dog – to mix my metaphors. As PB Training may be needed after all of the other solution-sets are designed, developed and deployed.

Get used to playing second fiddle.

The More You Know About The Other Improvement Disciplines – The Better You Will Be At Yours

4Ws or MOPP List of HPT Things 2011 11

It’s complex. Don’t underestimate the complexity of Performance.

The Book


From Training to Performance Improvement Consulting (2011) – as Paperback and Kindle

– a guide for a leadership team to take their Training/ Learning/ Knowledge Management organization and Stakeholders on a 2-Step Journey from Training to Performance Improvement Consulting.

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