T&D: No One Can Be a Renaissance Woman Anymore

And It’s Been a Long Time Since Anyone Could

According to The Micro Focus Blog:

90% of the data on the internet has been created since 2016, according to an IBM Marketing Cloud study. People, businesses, and devices have all become data factories that are pumping out incredible amounts of information to the web each day.

It’s probably not since the days of the Italian Renaissance – between the 14th and 17 centuries – that the idea of a Renaissance Man (or Woman) knowing it all was thought feasible – but come on man, it was never even true back then.


So Be a SmartPhone Smarty Instead

Or use whatever device you’ve got.


Teach yourself and your loved ones How To Search.

From TechRepublic (2011)

Their Tips & Tricks include helpful guidance on…

1: Use unique, specific terms

2: Use the minus operator (-) to narrow the search

3: Use quotation marks for exact phrases

4: Don’t use common words and punctuation

5: Capitalization

6: Drop the suffixes

7: Maximize AutoComplete

8: Customize your searches

9: Use browser history

10: Set a time limit — then change tactics

For the details from TechRepublic for each of these headers – please go – here.

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