T&D: Patti Shank: Does Instructional Design Have a Future?

Does Instructional Design Have a Future?

At the LT15 Conference. Video Published on Apr 20, 2015.

If you’re an instructional designer, you’ll know that the profession has its fair share of challenges. With more modes of content than ever, and increased time pressure, it seems increasingly difficult to do the job well.

Patti Shank has long worked in, and studied, this field, and believes that instructional design is more important than ever – even if the rules of the game keep changing.

She invites you to join with her, and dispute, interact and share your own experiences, as she discusses:

• The unchanging core that makes up good instructional design

• The nearly impossible skill set needed by today’s instructional designers

• Rapid design and development: boon or curse?

• The vital human skills IDs require

• International differences in what ‘instructional design’ means


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