T&D: Joe Harless on Soft Skills in 1985

A Popular Myth

 Soft Skills.

I recall people at NSPI back in the day remarking something to the effect that “Soft Skills were Harder to instruct than Hard Skills – because most didn’t start with the Terminal Performance that the Soft Skills enabled.”

I was in the audience when Harless remarked on all of that – and more – that this NSPI PIJ article overviews…

From: https://eppicinc.files.wordpress.com/2018/03/harless-1985-performance_improvement.pdf


Goal Analysis


Key to Making Soft Into Hard


My 5 Videos of Joe



Short Video

Longer Video

2012 – at ISPI’s 50th Anniversary Conference

From NSPI Back in the Day (w Poor Audio) 1993

RIP Brother Joe Harless

You are still preaching!

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