T&D: Trish Uhl – Learning Analytics

Note to Readers: This Video Presentation Rocks – Performance-wise…

At the LT18 Conference

The insight presented by next generation learning analytics is exciting. In order to make the most of this chance of better understanding the who, what, where and why of what works (and what doesn’t!) in learning, analytics now need to form part of the content design process.

Trish Uhl reveals her five tenets for tapping into this mission critical opportunity.

Adding advanced analytics to your learning design It’s no longer enough simply to produce high-quality instruction. Today, you’re expected to engineer engaging, trackable learning solutions delivered at the speed of need. The aims stretch beyond learning to enhancing the employee experience and directly contributing to organizational goals.

The means: an evidence-based, data-enabled approach to learning design and delivery. Join Trish Uhl in this session to hear how using advanced analytics can help you support this modern design approach.

• Five principles of applying advanced analytics to design

• Enhancing the employee experience with a data-powered approach

• Using analytics to link learning to organizational goals

• The skills you need to tackle analytics

• Future-proofing your career by building your analytical capabilities

Contact Info

LinkedIn Profilelinkedin.com/in/trishuhl
Phone630-510-1461 (Work)
Twitter: @trishuhl
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