T&D: Role Clarity for the T&D Function Itself

Clarifying Roles Is Often Part of the T&D Content

Understanding the Role – with Clarity – of T&D/L&D itself is critical – and should be a result of a formal or informal negotiation with Enterprise Leadership.

Either L&D/T&D stays in their lane in providing Learning Content – hopefully, Performance-based Learning Content – or they are expected to venture into additional lanes – Swim lanes on the Process Map if you will – and provide other products and services.


Managers are responsible for the Knowledge and Skills on their team. They hire for it and then should plan on how to plug the gaps for the new hires. That can happen via members on the team showing Guy around, providing Guy demonstrations and direct instruction, providing Guy reinforcing and corrective feedback, etc. And for critical performance, Guy might be sent off to some Formal Training provided by the T&D/L&D function – or by some provider outside the Enterprise.

Managers are also responsible for forecasting and budgeting for keeping the team or individuals up-to-speed on changes in the Process, Policies, Practices, and/or Equipment, etc. And for critical changes, Guy might be sent off to some Formal Training provided by the T&D/L&D function – or by some provider outside the Enterprise.

Who does what – what are the reasonable expectations of all players in Enterprise Processes is needed – to ensure that everyone is Resourced appropriately to the needs and so that they can be held accountable for the results.

Having seen the lack of clarity in this – for my clients over the decades – and the issues it creates – it was important for me to address this in my 2001 book: T&D Systems View – where I organized 47 Processes into 12 Sub-Systems for the System of T&D – which is a Sub-System of an Enterprise – which is a Sub-System in one or many Value Chains – etc.


The 12 Sub-Systems…

TDSV w Callouts.jpg

It’s at 12 O’Clock that T&D addresses this with it’s clients and stakeholders.

For a free 403 page PDF of T&D Systems View and information about the book as a Kindle or Paperback – please go here.


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