T&D: Master Performers Know

By Definition Master Performers Know How to Perform

But first a caveat…

Of course they all operate on auto-matic pilot, so to speak, as all of us do.

You, me and all Master Performers use their non-conscious knowledge to deal with the familiar. And when you ask them – they tell you – what’s conscious. It takes a special effort to pull out anything close to 100% – as the research shows that Experts can miss up to 70% of what a Novice needs.


Master Performers deal with all sorts of barriers to Performance – that are not knowledge/skill deficits. Of course they deal with those too – other peoples’ and their own.

Here is my model for conducting Gap Analysis – of the 12 Variables of Process Performance. Otherwise known as the Work, or Workflow, or the Tasks, or Moment of Need, etc.


But they – the Master Performers – have learned to anticipate the barriers and deal successfully despite them. Including avoiding the barriers in the first place, and what to do if unavoidable in the second place.

I use a Performance Model chart to capture their thinking and insights regarding Gaps and Probable Causes using a facilitated Group Process for Analysis.


And then I use their thinking and insights about what Instruction (Training and/or Performance Aids – Job Aids) to Design and Develop for others, including new hires.

Not that they are perfect – but who else would you ask?

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