T&D: We Don’t Own a Learner’s End-to-End Journey to Performance Competence

Stop Trying To Own It All

We work at the behest of management.

  • At the top of the Enterprise, management decides our funding.
  • In the middle, management makes requests for our Products and Services.
  • At the bottom, where the rubber hits the road, management, or first line supervision, plans, assigns, monitors and troubleshoots work by individuals and teams.

First line supervisors see what is needed by the nature of changes in the work, where their individuals and teams are doing well or struggling and they are incapable for taking on the coaching/teaching challenge. They ask for budget for their peoples’ development needs.


Their management makes the request for help and reflects that in their budgets or authorizes/approves spending existing budget.

Top management ensures that the T&D resources are in place to meet their needs – the needs of their organizations in meeting the goals they have laid out.

T&D is similar to any other support function in an Enterprise – there to provide their specialty products and services to help Operations and other Support Functions “do their thing” in concert with the Strategic and Operational Business Plans and Funding Plans.

Just as IT owns providing the right Products and Services in support of all other entities – Operations and other Support Functions – to “do their thing” Effectively and Efficiently – T&D, or L&D, or KMS, is judged on how well they provide that support.

But they don’t own the appropriate use of that support. Management of the Operations Groups and other Support Functions “own” their own Performance.

One Way to Help Better

Is to make sure your Products & Services are focused on improving, or sustaining, Performance. And doing that better, faster and cheaper.

Another Way to Help 

Is to help management at all levels learn how to better utilize the T&D Resources at their disposal.

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