T&D: Role & Hierarchy Clarity Is a Good Thing

I Am Spartacus

If you recall the movie, everyone claimed to be Spartacus near the end. They were covering for the real Spartacus. Protecting him. Willing to die for him. Because Spartacus was their beloved leader.

That thought came to mind reading on LinkedIn, Bob Sutton’s article:

“Hierarchy is Good. Hierarchy is Essential. And Less Isn’t Always Better”

Bob Sutton’s article on LinkedIn:


Role Clarity Is Often An Issue

In organizations that grow quickly – it often takes some time for roles and responsibilities to get clear.

Until they get clear – confusion might reign. Conflicts emerge. Egos collide. Processes get bogged down. People lose motivation. People disengage.


One of the things I do when doing Analysis – is help get clarification about Roles & Responsibilities via my Performance Model format.




I use ESIRA vs RACI.

Some folks didn’t like RACI – which became popular after I created ESIRA.

Our joke – to create clarity – was the E for Execute identified who would first get executed if things went poorly. The person responsible for “executing the tasks to create the outputs” – not who was ultimately responsible.

My 2009 Post on ESIRA

For more detail about my model for creating clarity.


Another Example Using Different Coding

My GM participants didn’t like RACI or ESIRA. So we used P and X.

We were being flexible – and going with the flow.


Do whatever it takes to create clarity during Analysis – for that helps later with Design and Development. And might help avoid extra iterations in Development.

A Job Aid for Performance Analysis


For even more – search on this site – and also, see my books: lean-ISD and Performance Analysis.

I Am Spartacus – Movie Clip

The slave revolt has failed and Spartacus and many others have been captured.

# # #

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