T&D: Target Consequential Performance and Performers

Consequential Performance for Consequential Jobs

Your Instructional Design efforts should be targeted on Consequential Performance for Consequential Jobs – and Not Everything Possibly Needed.

This has been true, for me, since 1979.

And sometimes e-learning isn’t the answer in how to develop Ability to Perform.

Again, Consequential Performance for Consequential Jobs, might dictate practice of authentic performance, after e-learning, to really hone a skill. To help it transfer back to the job.

Sometimes e-learning is on the front-end of “the Instruction” before practice with feedback helps learn “How To” perform and not just absorb facts and abstractions.

Sometime “the Instruction” is simply a library of e-Job Aids, such as online SOPs, facilitating on-the-job performance without any e-learning in the blend at all. Or group-paced, instructor-led training. Or “Orientation” and “Task How To” videos.

Most times the issues call for a blend of Instructional & Informational modes and media.

But before deciding on modes and media – focus on the Performance Requirements of key Target Audiences. Don’t lose focus by attempting to create content for everyone. Don’t focus on Topics. Focus on Tasks.


Think ROI.

Think Task-Oriented Content.

And then think about how easy then, to measure, compared to Topic-Oriented Content.

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